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WHO IS Italia HiFi?


  • Industriana Italiana Alto Fidelitia

    • Translation: Italian Industry High Fidelity

      • Italia HiFi​

  • Factory located in Italy

  • The same factory that has produced some of the leading Italian & European manufactured products in prior years

  • Innovator/designer of the 4” woofer

  • Manufacturer of premium sound quality products

  • The entire IIAF line is handcrafted in Italy. These highly skilled craftsmen have taken the design and created not only a speaker, but a listing experience for the truest of audiophiles.


Innovation is not a tagline: we support it with the facts since the 70s. All our innovations have been introduced to increase sound quality and enhance the ease of  installation.

Who is IIAF?




  • In this year IIAF developed as OEM project one of the most significant

    innovations in the audio business.

  • First Neodymium Tweeter in 1979.

  • IIAF designed the first neodymium tweeter for Audax, a French audio manufacturer, after that date all the manufacturers copied this intuition


  • Development of the first home audio speaker using a new technology

  • First free air home audio cabinet speaker. Infinite baffle as a solution to reproduce the full audio spectrum.



  • Development of a mass production speaker for ITT Nokia

  • First mass production tweeter with a 14 mm voice coil. More than 50 million pieces sold.


  • Use of composite materials for domes and cones of the tweeters.

  • First 56 mm dome midrange with composite material dome.

  • First cone for speakers in composite materials, carbon fiber and fiberglass combined together.


  • Engineering of two small cabinet subwoofers with basketless speakers.

  • First subwoofer enclosure for car using two 4” speakers and a single 5”speaker. These system were able to reach the lowest frequencies (below 30 Hz) thank to the basketless assembling. We were using the cabinet itself as structure of the speaker.



• New materials

• First Strontium magnet speakers

• First Alnico magnet speakers
• First carbon fiber cones



• Metallic and natural fiber cones
• First cones manufactured with aluminum and natural fibers combed together.



  • First full cotton fiber cone: to provide the smoothest response on the mid

    frequencies and a strong bass.

  • First crystallized cone: To reach the musicality peaks of the cotton cone we had to find a solution in which the cone would have acquired the necessary rigidity to provide an excellent bass response without losing the delicate touch on the upper frequencies. The only solution was a natural process, the crystallization of the cotton fiber unique has been used for the first time in the audio industry by IIAF in 2013.

  • First cone midrange with the push-pull ferrite/neodymium magnet and metal jacket.To minimize the size of the speaker, using the ferrite magnet for the “hard job” andthe neodymium to refine the musical details, both focusing the magnetic power on voice coil thanks to the metal jacket.

  • First dual layer cone in copper and fiberglass. Fiberglass provide stiffness and weight to perform the lower frequencies, while keeping the copper fiber below of it and emerging in a very limited portion in between the fibers, provides a detail response, without the typical harshness of all the metallic material cones.

  • First dual layer fiberglass and composite material cone. You can virtually stand on it since it is the stiffest and hardest cone in the car audio market ever used for a mid/bass. This cone provide the typical bass of a subwoofer in the size of a 6” speaker.



• WMT announced

• First presentation of the WMT concept in the audio history: the first all round speaker able to reproduce the spectrum of frequencies of three speakers combined with the same details and same sensibility. The speaker is revolutionary because just in 2.5 inches there is a whole world of music, no need of a crossover (just a subsonic filter) and easy positioning in the factory locations and/or on the poles of a car. Less weight (only two little speakers, instead of a 2 way system) and



• First 3” Midrange with High-Tight basket. The High-Tight has been used only for speakers of bigger diameters and never before for such a small speaker. The fiber has been balanced to provide a stiffness similar to steel and a much better resistance to traction without decreasing the sound dampening performances, a small miracle of miniaturization.



• First WMT to hit the market. When the WMT concept has been presented in seemed to be just a dream impossible to make it happen. This is the year the speaker evolved from concept to reality. Once again IIAF is the reference in the market.



• IIAF was purchased by a US company maintaining it’s roots of manufacturing in Italy.


• Italia Hifi develops BL1, BL3 & BL5 for competition in the US Market.

• Italia HiFI develops EL1 to launch for the US market and international markets.

• Introduces the BL6 line to the perform for toughest audiophiles.

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